The Importance of Supportive Compression Underwear

Participating in active sports such as cricket, cross-fit, running and rugby, for example, places your body under tremendous physical strain. Without adequate support, this could ultimately lead to a whole host of serious injuries, not to mention the frustration of chafing between the thighs. This is where quality base layer underwear comes into play. Before [...]

SCOREGolf: 2UNDR is good for your gear

Underwear isn’t really all that sexy. Check that. Underwear certainly can be sexy, especially on the right person, say, Kate Upton or Bar Refaeli, but reviewing underwear for guys isn’t really all that sexy. Especially for a guy. But amid all the new golf club and golf ball and golf shoe reviews and testing I’ve […]

Golf Digest: “Best Underwear For Golfers”

Look no further for a prime example of how golf fashion has evolved over the past decade. Performance undies? Yes, really. These aren’t your grandfather’s boxers. And it’s not a marketing ploy. Companies such as 2UNDR and Dunning have taken compression shorts from the early 2000s and brought them to the next level. Utilising performance […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Grow a Beard

Sometimes we wonder, is there anything better than growing a beard? And of course, the answer is no. Of course there isn’t. Here are 10 reasons why bristles will make you whistle. 1. You’ll get compliments like never before Mainly good ones. 2. You’ll save a fortune There’s a reason razor cartridges are so heavily [...]