We are excited to announce that 2UNDR are an official sponsor of the Long Drivers European Tour for the 2017 season. The LDET is the only circuit in the world of this golf discipline (a part of the World Championships).

During the 2017/18 season 2UNDR will be represented at some of the best golf courses in Europe, including; Austria’s Diamond Country Club, Hungary’s Zala Springs Golf Resort and Slovenia’s Royal Bled Golf Course. Last weekend at the SPAIN Long Drivers tournament, the Champion Matt Nicolle and the runner-up Steve Curtis were wearing their 2UNDR to improve airflow, keeping them cool when involved in the strenuous activity.

Runner up Steve Curtis pictured wearing our Swing Shift boxers

Golfing with a Difference: The Long Drivers

The Long Drive is a fun competitive sport with the aim to hit the golf ball as far as possible across a non-conventional field with a width of 45-60 yards and 450 yards in length. Competitors are allocated 2 minutes 45 seconds to hit 6 golf balls which must land within the ground bounds!

The European structure consists of ten events, with the upcoming final event to be announced very soon! In each event there is a qualifying round which subsequently leads to the two best players competing it out in the final.

Like every competition nowadays there’s always an incentive for the players, and this one is no different with attractive prizes – all the more to play for!

The Champion Matt Nicolle spotted wearing our Swing Shift underwear

As the season draws to an end, the final event of the season is quickly approaching – the Masters LDET. Nevertheless, this short insight should get you geared up for next year if you’re a keen golfer wanting to get involved. Next year’s tour is open to every professional LD previously registered and in some events also for amateur golfers.

Check out the international coverage and latest news at http://www.europeanlongdrivers.com/ and look out for our players wearing 2UNDR underwear as outerwear!