There’s a reason we really, really like August…

This month there was a very special day. What day was that I hear you ask?

Well it was the 5th of August to be exact.

So why is this date familiar, is it ringing any bells? Partners birthday, important meeting, when the milk expires?

No, obviously we are talking about National Underwear day! (also, if the milk has expired don’t drink it)

That’s right, the 5th of August celebrated what we feel is one of the most important parts of a mans attire and keeps the most important parts of a man healthy, especially if you’re using 2UNDR.

What people do to celebrate?

There are a lot of things people all around the world do when celebrating this magnificent occasion, some include an underwear parade – yes, a parade all about underwear!

During this parade people take to the streets in their underwear and express their love for the hidden hero of clothing. Even commutes to work were done without trousers, I mean personally, I think the Swing Shift Rococo would sit quite nicely in the board room…

What we did to celebrate?

Well, we held an online social competition of course! The lucky winner received their favourite pair of 2UNDR’s by telling us which pair was their favourite! We asked everyone to comment under our competition posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram telling us what their preferred pair of 2UNDR’s were for a chance to win.

Congrats again to our lucky winner who chose our Swing Shift Night Camo design as they’re go-to pair of pants – again, great choice Kev Briggs.

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Until next time 🙂