Spending boundless hours becoming one with the wilderness on the golf course and / or spending hours perfecting that summer body, exercise can place some pretty heavy comfort demands on your body. You need to be kept cool and dry, and you gotta make sure your odor control is amped up, too. No matter what kind of athlete you are, trust us when we tell you that regular underwear just won’t cut it. What you need is High Performance Athletic Underwear.

Say goodbye to tighty-whities. The latest streamlined 2UNDRs offer comfort, support, and an elasticity suited to men who lead active lives. But not all performance skivvies are made equal or for the same thing. A blend of performance-driven fabrics and more-athletic cuts mean that the same pair you put on to go to the office might not be the best choice for a workout or a trip.

Which 2UNDR are perfect for athletes?

The Gear Shift with Coldskin™ is designed with an athletic cut to give a compression-like feel, with all the quick-dry attributes needed to deliver your best. Ideal for those who compete like an Olympian on the field, a Boss in the boardroom, and Don Juan in the bedroom.

In other words, this garment is perfect for any high pressure situation where it is critical that you keep your cool.