Look no further for a prime example of how golf fashion has evolved over the past decade. Performance undies? Yes, really. These aren’t your grandfather’s boxers. And it’s not a marketing ploy. Companies such as 2UNDR and Dunning have taken compression shorts from the early 2000s and brought them to the next level. Utilising performance fabrics with stretch properties has pushed the limits of comfort.

Dunning’s briefs are made from 100 percent merino and are designed to regulate temperature in hot or cold weather. The design was geared specifically to maintain comfort on the course. 2UNDR, which offers four styles in a variety of colors, used kangaroos as inspiration for its Joey Pouch, which is designed to maximize comfort in your “male region.” These elements might make you laugh. But hey, we’ve got a pair.

There’s a reason golf-performance underwear exists—it has seen huge popularity in the past couple of years. Golf shops were hard-pressed to keep 2UNDR’s items in stock this past season. Keep your mind on this category as it continues to grow in years to come.

Originally posted on Golf Digest – http://www.golfdigest.com/story/best-underwear-for-golfers