Wearing the wrong underwear can have put you off your game…

(…and we’re not just talking about on the pitch)


When preparing for a game/competition or exercise, making sure you’re wearing the right kit is usually a priority. If something goes wrong and you under perform it’s often 3 items, the three “SSS”, first to get the blame; shirt, shorts and shoes, but have you ever taken a minute to think about your underwear? Our guess is probably not. It’s not like they can make you run faster, jump higher or have more flexibility than a rubber band, right? We aren’t saying putting the right underwear on is going to turn you into Cristiano Ronaldo, but it can free up your family jewels and your movement.

Wearing tight restrictive underwear has the potential to holt your performance dramatically by cutting blood flow throughout your legs leading to quicker fatigue, limiting your flexibility meaning you may not get your leg as high and all that explosive power can be lost. All this and I haven’t even mentioned the heat and chaffing that the wrong underwear can cause. Check out our Power Shift performance underwear, that not only offers the freedom of movement and flexibility but with the revolutionary Joey Pouch and ColdSkin construction, you’ll feel that cool Summer breeze even when the temperature soars! 

So, what about off the pitch?

There is a lot of health benefits that come with putting your prized possessions in the right kind of underwear and even some benefits in there for your partner. Tight, uncomfortable and restrictive – not the three words you want associated with your underwear as this can lead to everything being hot and stuffy and potentially lead to problems in the bedroom (a big no-no).

Tight underwear tends to increase temperatures around the scrotum, and this can inhibit sperm production. Sperm viability is influenced by several factors, including body heat stability. Other research suggests that groin constriction can lower sperm levels… so come on – let your boys breath! 

According to a study by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, wearing constrictive underwear is a greater inhibitor to sperm motility than other lifestyle choices such as consuming alcohol or smoking tobacco (uncomfortable underwear or beer? We know which one we would be cutting out…) !

Support, breath-ability and bigger bulge; three words associated with our Night Shift range. Not only will switching up your underwear game with these bad boys help with keeping your lower regions functioning as they should be, but keeping you stylish and aesthetically pleasing for your partner… if you know what I mean…

Find out more about our ranges and how you can up your game… here.