Meet Tim Branco. He is a prostate cancer survivor and coincidentally he came to 2UNDR at a trade show to see if he could get a pair of Swingshift briefs for himself. At the time he asked for a pair we had no idea he was a survivor. He came back the second day after wearing a pair of Swingshift walking the show for nine hours and told the following story.

It gives us goose bumps every time we read it or tell someone about it…. this is a very real happening for many men everyday who are survivors of this horrible cancer… he even went one step further and introduced us to team at the Dana Farber Cancer institute and their fund raising arm, “The Jimmy Fund”. With his help we were adopted to be a part of this great cause and have been supporting Men’s Health ever since.

Stay Dry and Hit Them High with 2UNDR

A Story About Life and Golf

By Timothy Branco

In the Summer of 2014 I was Diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is a disease that is so prevalent with so many men throughout the world today, and it was a major life changer for me personally. I had been closely tracking an elevated PSA for a few years but when it climbed steadily over a two-year period I contacted Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. After my biopsies at Dana Farber, I was informed by my medical team at Dana Farber that I had advanced prostate cancer. My choices were radiation therapy or surgery to remove the cancer. My medical team recommended the surgery based on the fact that my entire prostate had been infected.

In the Fall of 2014 I had prostate surgery at Dana Farber and had my prostate removed as well as Lymph nodes in the region and part of my bladder. The operation was successful by many accounts but the effects of the surgery would be long lasting as with many patients that undergo this procedure. While catheterization was difficult to say the least for the first several weeks after the surgery, it was the incontinence that became the most difficult side effect to live with day to day after the operation. With millions of men across the globe who have had prostate cancer, bladder control is the single most difficult day to day part of this disease. Knowing you may always have to wear pads, wear black pants, carry extra pads and be conscious continually of this issue is overbearing for almost everyone dealing with this disease every day of their life.

My challenges, I expect, were no different then millions of other prostate cancer patients worldwide. After I got back on my feet I began to search for the best and most functional pair of men’s underwear that would work with incontinence pads. It is difficult to try to explain the issue unless you have had to live every day with the problem. You see all pads are made with a single line adhesive strip to hold the pad in place, which works about as well as a bicycle without pedals. No matter what type of underwear I purchased, (and I purchased them all) I experienced the same results. The pads moved and I had embarrassing leakage that was uncomfortable and ultimately carried odor issues. It had become the such a major issue that I avoided doing many things I had always done and pretty much accepted this monkey on my back.

In January 2015, I attend the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando with a full staff as we do every year. My company is one of the largest golf marketing companies in the country and the show is a very big part of our yearly business launch. I had already attended other show events and tournaments since the surgery and was well drilled on not only carrying extra pads for use throughout the day, but also a change of cloths as well. I had come to the point that my disease was not going to make me change the way I lived my life and I was going to move on and deal with it.

The PGA Show in Orlando is the largest golf industry trade show in the world today and covering the show means you are going to be walking at least 5 miles a day. Day one for me at the show was no different than playing a round of golf, lots of bathroom trips, lots of pads (usually 4-5 daily) and plenty of scented spray. By the end of day one at the show one of my staff members in the break room showed me a pair of underwear he had been given as a press coverage sample. The product was from a new company at the show called 2UNDR. I went by their booth myself later that afternoon to say hello and pick up a pair for myself to try.

The next morning when getting dressed for the show, I opened the box of the 2UNDR briefs. I immediately noticed something very different about the product, they had a pouch built into the underwear designed to hold a mans gear away from his body, the

“Joey Pouch”. At that very moment I also realized this pouch was exactly the same size as my incontinence pads. This should be interesting I thought, a place for my pad and the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn to boot. Right away I noticed another difference from any underwear I had ever worn since having cancer,

my pad was not pressed against my body leaving me feeling wet with any amount of leakage. I was truly excited about the way they felt and off I went to day 2 at the show. At about 10 am, as I did every day I went off to the bathroom to change my pad and freshen up.

To my surprise I did not need a change of the pad and was pretty much dry. Wow, I thought that’s a first, especially after 2-3 cups of coffee that every morning seems to find their way out quickly. Then again at 12 noon, and again at 2 pm, no pad changes yet. What I began to realize is the the 2UNDR product not only fit better than any underwear I had ever worn, it also fit my health issue better than any I had ever tried.

It was apparent that the unique designed “Joey Pouch” which separated my pad from my body also prevented the constant irritation and rubbing that caused me to leak continually all day long. I went all day at the show without one pad change walking over 6 miles meeting with tons of clients.

At the end of the day I went back to the 2UNDR booth and talked with Jack Curry. With tears in my eyes I embraced Jack and said,” your product is a life changer” and I explained something to him that he was totally unaware of. The 2UNDR product was the perfect solution to a problem I have been struggling with since surgery. I told him I felt that the message about this needed to get out to prostate cancer patients everywhere. Quite simply 2UNDR had given me back something I had lost after cancer surgery, dignity. I now felt that the pad I had to wear every day would stay in place, work better and have to be changed much less. I could finally have a sense of normality in my life and stop stressing over this issue that had dominated my thoughts every minute of every day. That day at the 2015 PGA show has changed my life and I have now become an ambassador for the 2UNDR product and bring the message to other prostate cancer patients across the globe. I have advocated and assisted with getting the 2UNDR product in front of as many organizations who fight this disease and patients who daily deal with these difficult issues.

*I have numerous pairs of the 2UNDR product which are the very best underwear I have ever owned. I placed an order right after the PGA Show for my own use and for gifts for other Prostate Cancer patients I met while under treatment.

**I am not paid by 2UNDR or will I ever accept compensation for my role in making as many people in the world as possible with incontinence issues aware of this great product. Cancer touches us all at one time or another in life, there is no escaping the disease but finding better ways to live with cancer is the best we can do until there is a cure.

Timothy R. Branco

Editor / Publisher

New England Publishing

New England Golf Monthly