Spring Is Coming…


Right, Spring is nearly here. It is about time we all crawled out of our well heated, cosy beds and begin to venture into the long-forgotten kingdom known as the outside. Don’t worry, that big yellow thing is the sun. You may not have seen it since September, but it is a friend.

Just don’t stare into it’s eyes. You need to start enjoying being outside again. Be sure make the most of it. It is only going to be around for another 4 months. But, how do we enjoy it we hear you ask?




Look at it like this, you get to enjoy some fresh air, get fit and unleash your competitive nature and alpha male tendencies on some unsuspecting friends or family. So here are our top 3 sports for you to get involved in this spring! Although we can guarantee you will enjoy them, we can’t guarantee you will be any good. But anyway….


Get your Wimbledon whites out and grab a racket. It is a favourite British past time adored by such famous’s as David Beckham, Cliff Richards and even Henry VIII (#squadgoals). You are going to need a bit of kit for this one, like a couple of rackets and tennis balls. We think a pair of Swing Shift Boxers should really help with your backhand too.”


The most famous sport in the world. You probably watch it on a weekend and use your managerial prowess to examine your team’s tactical deficiencies whilst sat on your sofa in your 2UNDR boxers. But now is time to get your boots on and go score a 91st minute screamer for your local pub team. Get your Power Shift’s on to make sure you’re in full comfort for the full 90 minutes. Or even just enjoying the breathability of the model whilst sat on the bench. Who knows, if you have no charisma and can pass a ball backwards, you might even be selected ahead of Jordan Henderson for the World Cup this year.


No one will judge you if you have stabilisers. They might laugh at you, but you will have the last laugh when they fall off their bike. Hit the open road, or the public park, and burn rubber in the glorious weather to come. You could wear our Gear Shift Boxers whilst your riding as well. You know. Gears. Like on a bike? Yeah you probably got that one. Real talk though, they will offer you great comfort for that long and enduring bike ride into the mountain side. Or simply to the pub.


Did Someone Mention The Pub?

Even if you are not a superstar athlete you can enjoy the benefits of a comfy pair of 2UNDR even in everyone’s favourite place, the pub. Our Night Shift range is perfect for those who are looking to have their crown jewels comfortably protected whilst impressing your mates with how great you are at sports. Don’t let the pub fool you, you may still be challenged to an elite sporting competition that is recognised by all as the most skilful, physically consuming event of them all. Darts. Night Shift has the design, comfort and the patented Joey Pouch to give you that extra boost when standing in front of that board.