Participating in active sports such as cricket, cross-fit, running and rugby, for example, places your body under tremendous physical strain. Without adequate support, this could ultimately lead to a whole host of serious injuries, not to mention the frustration of chafing between the thighs. This is where quality base layer underwear comes into play.

Before we can talk about the benefits of supportive base layer underwear, we need to understand how it works. Well-designed compressive underwear helps to increase the blood flow in the areas that matter, alongside improving your bone alignment and supporting key muscle groups such as the quads, hamstring and glutes. By doing so, it helps to improve your performance and reduces the risk of injury. Supportive base layer underwear also helps to minimise the friction and moisture on your skin; keeping you cool and ensuring you stay comfortable whilst you push your body to the limits.

Which 2UNDR Is Right For Me?

Already favoured by globally renowned athletes, the 2UNDR range of athletic underwear has been designed with performance at the forefront of our mind and is made up of some of the most innovative materials including ColdSkin by Garmatex. A Thermal-Reduction material, ColdSkin combines quick-drying microfibre filaments with 100% natural minerals including crushed jade. This high-performance fabric absorbs and dissipates heat from key areas, reducing your body’s temperature by around three to six degrees.

Made up of ColdSkin by Garmatex, the 2UNDR Power Shift collection has been designed from the feedback of our professional athletes. Fusing the technology of ColdSkin with our cutting-edge design features such as the JoeyPouch and Swass Patch ventilation system to deliver high performance underwear fit for top competition.

The 2UNDR Gear Shift collection provides a slightly more athletic cut. Constructed out of a compression-fit polyester/spandex blend that stays tight to the thigh whilst offering all of the quick-dry properties that you need. Featuring the same JoeyPouch, Swass Patch and No-Drip-Tip as all of our underwear, the Gear Shift is ideal for any activity.

With a number of designs available in each style, the 2UNDR Gear Shift and Power Shift are exactly what supportive compression underwear should be.