I could write the review and tell you about the comfort and style, but I figured I should let my right guy, who is getting the most benefit from this underwear, write the review…

Hey, everyone! Rightie here. I’ve lived these past 38 years with my roommates, left eye and Abe Froman. Overall, we get along fine. However our neighbor is a real stinker, but that’s another story.

Things have been really tight quarters recently. And hot. We live in Florida, where it’s hot as, well, me. But we really didn’t realize how bad we had it, since it’s all we ever new. That is, until our person bought us the 2Undr swingshift. It’s like we won the lottery. Let me explain.

Until now, most of my free time was spent stuck to the right leg. He’s a nice guy, but honestly the rubbing would start to hurt after awhile. That, and our person was always readjusting me, peeling me off the leg, only to put me right back on it. Now, with the 2undr Joey Pouch, Leftie, Abe, and I have moved in to a spacious villa all our own. Sure, I’ll miss the right leg, as I’m sure Leftie will miss the left leg, but we still get to see each other in the shower.

These new digs are like living in a crown royal velvet back. I’ve spent what feels like every day these last 36 years – ever since I got out of diapers – constantly sweating. But yesterday was the first day I felt cool. Not only am I more comfortable, but that makes me happier. I honestly didn’t even thing about my neighbor to the south once all day! The walls are softer than anything I’ve ever felt. And I’m not sure if the place is air conditioned or what, but there is definitely more air-flow than I’m used to. My person seems happy too. He keeps talking about how we’re “on display” and “more prominent” or something. I’m not sure what he’s talking about, because nobody gets to see us…at least not as often as he’d like.

All in all, my roomies and I couldn’t be happier. I just pray this isn’t a vacation, and that he buys enough pairs so we can live this luxury every day!